Bedroom Makeover with a Wood Accent Wall from Woodgrain!

When we first moved into our home, we were immediately caught off guard by the main bedroom. Why? Because it has a GIANT slanted ceiling—something we've never seen before.

We love the height in our bedroom and the overall layout, but I always had a hard time decorating above our bed. I prefer a calmer style for bedrooms, so every piece I tried seemed to cluttered or "hotel"-like. Soon we took everything down and left the wall empty. 

Then, after scrolling online, I found this bedroom. It looked just. like. ours. 
I loved what they did with the walls and thought, "We could do that." 

We partnered with Woodgrain to cover 3 of our walls with their wood to make a board and batten style wall. They sent us their Finished Elegance boards in 1x4 (we were able to pick up the wood at their Phoenix location since they are nearby!) 

Then, Jonathan and I digitally designed the accent wall plan on the computer. Here are the materials we used:


We started along the edges and outlined the walls with the wood (we dropped our toddler off with family so we could get a lot done in a few hours). Then, we did the vertical boards first, followed by the horizontal. 

After, we caulked the nail holes and made sure to use a tiny amount of caulk, because we weren't going to be painting these boards! That's right, with Finished Elegance, you don't have to paint. I only wiped them down after and decided not to the paint them. There is a slight difference between the wall color (Ultra Pure White by Behr) and the boards, but I like the contrast! 

Plus, at 6 months pregnant I'm not going to be painting 3 walls, LOL. 

We switched out our previous upholstered bed frame for a new, simpler bed frame from Wayfair. Then, we added a new 9x12 Ruggable rug, and it feels like a brand-new room! 

Would you do something like this to your room? We want to give a huge shoutout to Woodgrain for partnering with us! Our room finally feels complete now without needing new paint. 

Change your room with an easy board and batten accent wall DIY! You don't have to be an expert to get started. 


  1. I visited your site. So beautiful work. So beautiful bedroom wooden design. I like.


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