Backyard Makeover (Planter Wall, Travertine, and more!)

Summer is in full swing here in Arizona . . . we are talking 100+ degrees every day! We have a pool in our backyard, but we wanted to do even more to make our backyard a place we wanted to hangout. 

The first big change was spray painting this patio furniture set. I got this set for $50 from a nice older lady when we first moved to AZ! Found the listing online and picked it up. I wasn't loving it as much recently, until I decided to spray paint it black. It looks like a whole new piece, and it goes so well with our new outdoor rug from Rugs USA. 

We also added some backyard curtains to the table area, with some Better Homes and Gardens pots I found on sale for $7 at a nearby Walmart. We have four of those ceramic pots, and I actually filled them with fake plants! They're under a covered area so I'm hoping they don't fade or go bad. 

Then, Jonathan built a little side fence to block our pool pump and stop our toddler from going back on the side of the house into the dirt. He use fence posts from Home Depot and built the wall himself! It works like a charm. 


Next, we ordered some travertine and are finally getting that installed! This project we decided not to DIY, since we wanted that professional look. We decided to go with "Light" travertine because the old area was full of rocks and weeds, and we wanted a space our toddler could ride around on a scooter or bike. Plus, she was really into eating the rocks, and we didn't want those around anymore. 

The travertine is finally done (after 3 weeks and a lot of hard work!) I'm sharing soon on our Instagram, but if you can't wait, there's a sneak peek on our TikTok account! Here is the BEFORE pic:


And here is the AFTER:

We're so happy the rocks and weeds are gone! Next step is decorating and getting the backyard back to normal.

Finally, we worked with CMPC wood to add a backyard plant wall to cover the existing CMU/cinderblock wall. I wanted to paint the cinderblock initially, but then I saw some fun ideas for a wood covering wall, and Jonathan made it happen! It brings a fun and fresh look to the backyard. We are adding one more section of the wall, a few more pots, and then it will be complete!

For the planter outdoor wall, I went with faux plants again, for the low maintenance. I may have to switch them out every few years, but I didn't want to deal with dirt, bugs, or keeping plants alive. Jonathan cut out a round foam insert that we stuck the fake succulents into, so we wouldn't have to fill the entire pot and have it hang heavy on the wall. 


We have a fun Bluu Patio umbrella that just arrived, and I surprised Jonathan with a Traeger grill for Father's Day, so the backyard really got some major love this year! We love the pool, barbecuing, and hanging out with family and friends in our backyard. Come down and hang out—the pool is open! 


Our E-Book: The Influencer's Guide to Working With Brands (with release date!)

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I've been in the influencer world for a year or two, and I know it's a hard place to be sometimes! I've learned a lot from my experiences sharing to Instagram, TikTok, our blog, and more. I've made a lot of mistakes but have also experienced some big wins and amazing collaborations. 

We're here to tell you what we wish we would have known years ago. Let us do the hard work and make the mistakes so you don't have to!  


We've compiled all our lessons and tips into one, easy-to-access guidebook. No more scrolling endless blogs or trying to find the secret hack to getting a sponsorship. We also cover topics like photography, payment, affiliate programs, and comparing yourself to others online. 

We've even included 3 FREE pages from our guidebook so you can read some before you buy!

My mom Sue is also a social media influencer (@woolandvinedesign) in the home decor world, and she and I wanted to share our secrets with you, mainly lessons learned and what we would have done differently! She's been designing homes for 10+ years and has worked with amazing companies. 

I have a small to mid-size following online (4K Instagram followers and 11K TikTok followers), but I've worked with more than 30 businesses in promoting products, sharing campaigns, and getting paid for my work! 

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My Minimalist Makeover, sponsored by AllModern!

This post is sponsored by AllModern. Thank you for your support and following along on our home journey! 

One of my favorite decor styles is minimalism. I'm a fan of clean lines, modern style, and the "less is more" mindset. A few weeks ago, I shared more about minimalism in my blog post

Now, I can share more about my minimalism makeover with AllModern! I was so excited when they reached out to share their Minimalism products. They're all about making the most out of your home through minimalist moments


I worked on our living room, which is the front area of our home. It's gone through a LOT of changes. It was pretty simple to begin—a couch, coffee table, some shelves, and now a mirror. But I also had some random items, like a bar cart, baskets, and baby items strewn about. It definitely needed some love! 

This was our living room in October 2020, when it was more cluttered and full of random items. I browsed through the AllModern pieces and found a piece I fell in love with online! I've always wanted an arched floor lamp, and this one was calling to me. 

The Lorena Arched Floor Lamp has a gorgeous matte gold color that I love, paired with the PERFECT amount of arch. I've researched arc and arched lamps high and low, and I've seen some that don't arch enough and others that look wobbly or unstable. The Lorena Floor Lamp has the ideal arch shape that brings something fun and bold to any room. 

The lamp arrived and was so easy to put together. It has a heavy marble/gold base. It was almost too heavy to carry by myself, which I LOVED because to me, that meant it was a high-quality piece. It looks so sleek and adds that punch of drama I wanted for our living room. 

We've had this dark blue modern couch for a few years (can you believe it was a FREE find on FB Marketplace?) I also found that coffee table on FB Marketplace and painted the legs myself. Our geometric modern rug is from Rugs USA, and the shelving units are from Target! I knew one of the main areas I wanted to redo were my shelves. I took off everything and tried to use the minimalism approach, taking AllModern's tips and tricks into mind, to create a cleaner, modern space. 

I switched out the old busy rug and rearranged my shelves to have a cleaner, simpler vibe. I removed the bar cart, we sold the old piano, and I cleaned up the space!

Check out the AllModern website, and I guarantee you'll find something you love. I definitely have found more than a few things myself. If you want to browse more of their floor lamps, click here.

Now my living room went from this (left photo) . . . to THIS (right photo!) 


Garage Floor Makeover with Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield®!

You know you're a real DIYer when you need to remodel your garage. Most people don't think about their garage, but for us, we wanted it to be a space that was clean and good looking.


The biggest eyesore was the floors. They were dirty, messy, and full of stains (probably from my spray paint projects, oops!) The floors had been painted years ago (we think), and it really just needed an upgrade. 

We partnered with Rust-Oleum to bring our garage floor back to life with their EpoxyShield® garage floor coating kit! Before this, we had received bids for $3,000-$5,000 for our 3-car garage floor. Since we are the DIY dream team, we knew we could do this ourselves, and with Rust-Oleum's help, we felt even more confident. 

I'll quickly walk through the steps on what we did, what I'd do differently, and how we learned from this process of our DIY garage floor epoxy project! 

Here's a brief overview of the steps to remodeling your own garage floors:

1. Prep: clean, sweep, degrease, spray down

2. Let dry and the prime with Recoat Primer

3. Let dry (6-24 hours)

3. Mix EpoxyShield® and apply within an hour of mixing

4. Sprinkle the paint chips as you go

5. Let dry before adding Clear Topcoat

6. Let dry (again) for 3 days before driving on it 

As you can see, a lot of this process is making sure the previous step is dry before moving on. And 50% of this project was the prep work! Cleaning your garage floor is SO important. We ran into a hurdle during this that involved a very windy day and a LOT of leaves, but we'll share that later in this blog. 


We took everything out of our 3-car garage, including workbenches, Christmas bins, shelves, and more. We stored everything on the side yard or in our guest room: 

After we had an empty garage, we swept and vacuumed. Then, we used the Rust-Oleum Cleaner + Degreaser and poured it evenly over the whole garage. I used a squeegee to spread it over thinly so it wouldn't puddle. 

The Cleaner sat for 15-20 minutes, and then I used a bristle brush to scrub at stains or dirt. This worked super well, and I was watching all our stains disappear. After I scrubbed, Jonathan power washed the floors and I squeegeed the water out while he pressure washed. 

We let it all dry and came back the next day for step 2!


Rust-Oleum gave us their Patch & Repair kit for cracks or holes we had in our floor. We mixed Base A with Base B according to the instructions and smoothed it out over the cracks in our garage floor. It was a putty-like substance and worked like a charm. We had to let that dry before we could paint over it. 


This was a super easy step and there was nothing we would change about it! Our home is 20 years old, so this repair kit was a lifesaver! 


One of my favorite parts was using Rust-Oleum's Recoat Primer. Our garage floors had been painted and sealed before we bought the home, so if we didn't use this, we'd have to grind off the old floors and sand it all. If you use Rust-Oleum's primer, you don't need to sand or grind off the previous surface. Instead, we just had to put the Recoat Primer on and let it dry! 


After the primer, it was time for the final coat. This step needs to be done carefully, because you only get one shot. This steps also works best with 2 people—one to paint the floor and the other to sprinkle paint chips as you go. You could do this part alone and work in smaller sections, if needed. 

Another cool part of this process was the Rust-Oleum Burst Pouch (picture below). You roll up the pouch until it "pops" or bursts into the other pouch for easy mixing. You don't need buckets, stir sticks, or anything messy! The parts mix together inside this pouch, and then you pour it straight into the paint tray. 

We started in the back left corner of the garage and worked in rows. Jonathan would dip the roller in a light coat and then paint a small area. I'd be close behind, sprinkling paint chips onto the wet epoxy. Here's what it began to look like:

This step was the most fun! We were in the home stretch, and the sprinkling part was like throwing confetti onto fresh floors.


The next day, we were ready for the clear top coat! This step is also pretty easy—rolling top coat onto the floor and letting it dry!

However, we did run into a tiny "uh-oh" experience with this final step. After we pained the topcoat, we let it dry with our garage doors cracked open, so the garage door wouldn't stick to the floor. Well, that day, a HUGE windstorm came through. We didn't realize it, but the wind blew in a lot of leaves and debris into the garage, settling on the topcoat. I was pretty frustrated, because I thought it was ruined. 

We pulled off the larger pieces, and after letting it dry more, we were able to get the leaves and sticks off the topcoat. It was mostly frustrating because it was the FINAL step, and everything had gone perfectly up to that point. So, if you're doing this with your garage, maybe lay down a towel and let the garage door shut on the towel if possible! 


It's been about 5 days so far, and we are loving it! We are going to pull the car in and update you in a month or two. This was an easier DIY than I expected, so I know you can do it too. 

If we could change anything, it would be the way we painted the lines or did the topcoat. Some parts you can tell where the streaks are (see below). But a car will be over this spot most of the time, so we aren't worried about it!

We loved using the Rust-Oleum kits and working with them! If you're at your Home Depot or Lowe's, go check out this kit! 

Less is More with Minimalism

You've probably heard of minimalism—decluttering, cleaning, or removing items you don't use or need anymore. There are SO many branches of minimalism and different approaches. Here are a few methods or rules that fall under the umbrella of Minimalism:

1. If you haven't used an item in 6 months, toss it! 

2. If you love the item and it brings you joy, keep it (regardless of if you've used it or not)

3. When you bring a new item into your home, you must remove an item of equal size or importance (helps keep balance in your home)

4. If you hear yourself saying, "I COULD use this for something" or "Maybe one day I'll need to use it," then it's time to throw it out or donate it

To me, minimalism also comes through in your home—how it feels, the way things flow, etc. If a space looks cluttered or busy, it makes me feel extra anxious or uncomfortable. That doesn't mean you can't have frames on the wall, but if you're following minimalism, you keep home decor and furniture clean, simple, and high-quality. 

That's why I love that AllModern is focusing on Minimalism with their modern and minimalist choices. When I think of AllModern, I think of high-quality, beautiful, and yes, sometimes more expensive items. But that's because they're made to last! 

I was asked to pick some of my favorite AllModern minimalist items from their collections. If I had an unlimited budget and could donate my other items, I'd get rid of it all and exchange it for all these amazing pieces!

This would be a DREAM living room, don't you think? From the sleek side tables to the bold lamps, I'm in love with it all. 

Minimalist to me also means more of a neutral palette, with some bold pieces or splashes of color here and there. (If you've ever seen the Kardashian's mansion after they renovated it, you'll know what extreme minimalism looks like!)

This Spring and Summer, we're focusing on keeping our homes clean, uncluttered, and more minimalist-modern! I'm excited to work with AllModern to show you a new minimalist piece I'm bringing to my living room, and how I'm giving our space a Minimalist Makeover! 

 This is our living room back in October last year. We haven't changed it much, so I'm excited to clean it up and bring a more modern and minimalist feel to the space! Stay tuned and keep your eyes out for some AllModern love.