Christmas Tree Double DIY!

Christmas is my GO BIG time for decorating. I have bright green bins patiently sitting in the garage, waiting for their turn to be opened. 

If you're following along the blog hop, then you might have come from Amy at Lanham Creations! Her dried fruit wreath was super creative. 

This year, I wanted to make some DIY Christmas trees to add to the decor! So I'm showing you not one, but TWO Christmas tree DIYs that are super easy and affordable (I only spent $6 on the yarn). 


I had Jonathan walk me through this one because he used the tools (I'm working my way up to it, okay?)

He used a jigsaw (or circular saw if you're dangerous) to cut simple triangles out of the extra wood we had in our garage. I may add some stems or a base in the future, but I love how tall they are! Some are even "wonky" and cut a little off, but I like that look because perfect triangles are sometimes boring. 



I had some leftover spools of thread that I had used up, and I knew they'd make great tree cones! You can also find tree cones at most craft stores or make your own from cardboard!

I also had leftover yarn from my Rainbow Headboard DIY, so I grabbed some hot glue and wrapped the cones. So easy! 

I put them next to my wood triangle trees and realized they didn't look "cohesive." The wood looked sharp and colder, and the fuzzy cones looked almost childlike. So I added one simple thing to the wood trees: pom poms! 

You can see the difference in these two photos: 


The pom poms made it so much warmer and made them look like a set! And everything I used I already had at home. Here's a closer look at how I wrapped the yarn. I hot glued every few wraps to make sure it stayed in place. 

I also had some gold letter stickers I used for one of the trees. I didn't have enough pom poms to do that tree so I made that one different than the other two. 

Christmas is closer than we think! Let me know what other DIYs you're doing. Can't wait to style these for real! 

Now hop on over to Lindsey's blog to see her Christmas Countdown

Here are some more great holiday DIYs to get you ready for the season:


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